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How UV flatbed printers print wooden boards to reduce ink waste

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2020-06-15 

At present, many flat wooden furniture are decorated with UV flatbed printers. The printing effect is very good, colorful and beautiful, but it will cause a lot of ink waste in the UV printing process of wooden boards, so reducing waste is to reduce costs. It seems very critical, GIT editors tell you how to reduce waste:

First of all, such a machine can be replaced with some better nozzles. To put it simply, the color can be changed. If the requirements are not so accurate or high, the color can be lightened appropriately. Can save ink, the amount of savings can reach about 35%.

The wood board uv printer can also reduce the waste of ink through better maintenance. To put it simply, it needs to be carefully maintained during normal use. It is best to use a semi-automatic method during the ink extraction process, so that it can make Ink saves about 10%, you can find your own machine, does it support such an operation mode, if it is really easy to use, you can use it properly, not only will not affect the quality of your work, but also can be very Good show their own characteristics.

I hope these two methods can help you, inspire more ways to save ink, for more related information, please contact GIT online customer service.

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