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What is the difference between uv light curing machine and uv flatbed printer?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2021-06-08 

UV curing machine and UV flatbed printer are two completely different equipment. The difference is mainly in the use/principle/consumables, the specific introduction is as follows:

Different uses:

The UV flatbed printer is used to print patterns on the surface of the material, and the UV curing machine is used to cure the material to dry and solidify.

The principle is different:

The UV flatbed printer uses the principle of piezoelectric inkjet printing, while the UV curing machine uses the principle of ultraviolet light curing.

Different consumables:

The UV flatbed printer uses UV ink, a chemical dye ink, and the UV curing machine can use UV photosensitive coatings, inks, UV paints, UV glues, adhesives, injection molding and other materials in an instant. Cured and dried.

UV flatbed printer

Subdivided, the application of UV curing machine is reflected in:

1. Printing: Widely used in screen printing, lithography, letterpress printing, self-adhesive trademarks, metal nameplates, PC, PVC, ABS, PS, acrylic, Tedlon, glass, ceramics, electronic parts, single-sided Circuit boards, etc.

2. Coating: bright coating on wood surface, paper surface polishing, plastic floor tiles, PU skin coating, optical fiber line surface coating, etc.

3. Adhesion: Adhesion of CHIP parts on circuit boards, various electronic parts, adhesion of glass, liquid crystal film, and terminal sealing glue

4. Note type: decorative color dishes, decorative accessories (buttons, brooches, hair clips, belt buckles, etc.).

However, UV flatbed printers and UV curing machines are still related. In the actual printing process, many customers need to coat varnish varnish on the surface of their materials, especially when it comes to large-volume and large-size printing. After the printer prints the pattern, it is placed on the conveyor belt and then processed by the UV curing machine. To learn more about the difference between UV curing machine and UV flatbed printer, please contact Gipson customer service.