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The key to the use of UV flatbed printers to control costs

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2021-06-10 

UV flatbed printers are rapidly being used by more and more manufacturers, thanks to its efficient production efficiency, and the control of production costs also needs to arouse our attention.

Before discussing the cost of UV flatbed printers, we must first know what hidden cost consumption problems exist in printing companies during production? The simple printing cost of UV flatbed printer mainly refers to the cost of ink per square, which is related to many factors:

UV flatbed printers

1. DPI, that is, resolution. To put it simply, for each square of the number of dots you ink, the more dots you spray, the fuller the picture, and the greater the amount of ink you consume. The difference in the number of dots can be as much as half of the difference.

2. Whether or not to spray white ink. At present, the glass needs to be sprayed with white background and there are more processes to spray white paint. Among them, the price of white UV ink is generally higher than that of color UV ink. If the same DPI is sprayed, you can spray one more Layer of white ink, the cost of this will be higher.

3. If you want to print full-color patterns, the cost of printing ink is about 6-7 yuan, and the embossing effect will be more expensive. If you do the background wall, it is not recommended to print reliefs. You can buy a sandblasting machine to engrave and print the patterns.

Controlling these factors in place can effectively control costs. Maximizing the value of UV flatbed printers is our common pursuit.

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