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Will UV flat printing pollute the environment?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2019-11-18 

Will UV flat printing pollute the environment? In the external environment, environmental protection is a rigid requirement, high pollution enterprises will be closed and punished. Printing companies need a new type of green printing equipment to upgrade their interior. On the whole, UV printer pollution is not serious, can be analyzed from four aspects.

1. Noise pollution: in the printing process, the original UV printer noise db < 60 db, which not only meets the requirements of civil housing, but also meets the requirements of industrial noise db. It avoids the harm to hearing and vision caused by the operator's long-term exposure to high noise pollution.

2. Light pollution: UV printer emits light waves through LED curing lamp during the printing process. Staring at wavelengths containing ultraviolet light for too long can cause discomfort and dryness. Therefore, in the design, the position of the lamp is very low, avoiding the high position of the light spread everywhere. At the same time, operators must wear protective glasses at work. In fact, because the device is automatically set up and printed, technicians don't have to stare at it for long.

3. Odor pollution: this is mainly reflected in the UV ink. Although UV ink is less polluting than traditional printing dyes and has passed environmental tests, it does not represent any chemical properties. In practice, printed patterns can evaporate after 24 hours. The smells produced during production are also small.

4. Sewage discharge pollution: piezoelectric ink-jet printing system ensures printing on demand, which will not produce much waste ink. Unlike traditional printing, large amounts of waste and liquid waste are discharged.

Because these four core aspects of the pollution assessment in line with the current needs of environmentally friendly printing, so the UV printer equipment in recent years by the majority of printing enterprises favored.