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Why does the UV flatbed printer crash during use?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2021-03-20 

Have you encountered the phenomenon of UV flatbed printer crashes during use? I believe everyone has come into contact with it directly or indirectly. For novices, they are really scared when they encounter this problem. I don’t know how to solve it. In fact, there are three main reasons for the crash. Knowing the reason, it will be easier to solve it. , GIBSON will explain to you:

1. Mechanical failure:

Case 1: The movement track of the UV flatbed printer's nozzle trolley is blocked or the power is insufficient; this kind of situation hardly appears on new equipment, and the equipment that has been used for a longer time may appear. The inspection method is to remove the motor belt, separate the nozzle trolley from the motor, and then push down the trolley by hand. If the movement is not smooth, you should replace the track or the slider, because the resistance to the trolley at this time is large, which will cause electromechanical malfunction and crash .

Case 2: The print head motor is faulty; this type of failure causes more crashes. The print head motors of UV flatbed printers are mainly divided into two types: AC and DC. Among them, the AC type has relatively few failures, and it is common for the use of a longer time to cause a crash due to wear. There are many failures of the DC type. Not only will it crash due to wear, but also some unexpected failures will cause headaches.

2. Interference

The sources of interference to UV flatbed printers include external interference and internal interference. The main analysis of the interference inside the machine is here:

a. Data transmission interference: Data cables that do not have shielding or poor shielding functions are susceptible to interference and cause unstable work. Therefore, data cables with good performance and high quality should be used. It is especially pointed out that although optical fibers have excellent resistance to interference, they are not applicable. It is suitable for sports environments with frequent bending.

b. Spark interference: If parts that are prone to sparks are used in the UV flatbed printer, it will cause many unforeseen failures.

3. Software System

The software system is the command brain of the UV flatbed printer. It is conceivable that the brain has a problem, can it function normally! The software problem occurred on the patchwork machine.

In addition, when you choose to buy a UV flatbed printer, you need to know more about its performance and parameters, and try to buy brand original models, so that it is more secure to use. GIBSON has focused on the UV printer industry for many years and will give you satisfactory equipment and after-sales service.