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Why do large manufacturers prefer to buy UV flat jet printer?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2020-02-06 

UV plate printing machine is the printing industry is new bestow favor on, due to the diversity of printing materials, make it have a broader field of application of can satisfy the various industries, all kinds of material color prints of the various needs of customers as the printer on the market industry constantly update and development, has made some big players also more and more attention, the government will increase the printer industry during the period of twelfth five-year localization efforts, Gibson specializing in the production of UV plate printing machine.

Market demand of UV flat jet printer:

1. Reduce cost and save time for the application of home shop panel, decoration, art ceiling, wood board, ceramic tile, sign plate, mobile phone shell and other industries.

2. The new business opportunities of uv flat panel inkjet make it have a wider range of applications, to meet various industries, various materials color inkjet customer needs.

Application industry of UV flat jet printer:

1, home decoration, store decoration, oil painting wall, decorative painting and other industries: art glass, decorative ceramics, wooden crafts, furniture, metal pulling, ceiling, artificial marble, curtain cloth art, tapestry murals and so on. Bring decorations, special products simple, personalized, the characteristics of this type of market is the manual processing before the composition of the high and low production efficiency, short version of the business, digital painting technology without printing plate-making singles, processing the finished product is high, production speed, can be picture out photos, a colorful bright features to replace the previous hand-made.

2, advertising signs panel display industry, traffic, electric power industries such as beneficiaries of rigid plate production is also a platform for spray machine, using UV platform of the UV curing ink printing machine can print directly to the sign or panel of any material, such as metals, reflective film, PVC sheet, MuZhu plate, organic glass, acrylic foam board, aluminum-plastic plate, etc., compared with the traditional approach: Silk screen printing (such as low precision, poor gradient effect and high cost of small batch) or print on the belt of gum PP paper material then the poster (easily fade bubbles), UV series emits the picture is not afraid of water, outdoor exposure can be up to three years, both reduced the sign boards of the production process, save manpower, and reduces the cost, and increase product use fixed number of year. It can completely replace the heavy work of mounting flexible printing on hard media.

3, leather textile printing industry traditional leather, textile printing because of high plate costs, high quality requirements, so the majority of high-grade products. And traditional printing without gradient and transition color. The application of heat transfer technology for leather printing, the material after heating the nature of hardening, and color changes easily. And UV series printing technology can be printed out of the photo effect, more colorful.