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Which of the speed and accuracy of the UV inkjet printer is most important?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2020-05-06 

The speed and accuracy of UV inkjet printers are two very important purchasing indicators, and also the options that many customers struggle with when purchasing. In fact, from a rational perspective, speed is more critical than accuracy. Why is this?

1. Technically speaking
The higher the precision of the UV nozzle, in the specific packaging and printing, the probability of blockage, the frequency of cleaning and maintenance, and the cost of maintenance and replacement in the middle and late stages are very high; on the contrary, the precision is not very high, but The rate is lower and the relative cost is much lower.

2. Earning money usually lies in the total, very little lies in an additional use value
The profit of printing and processing is often more dependent on the output. After the output is increased, the non-stop printing of the machine is not easy to break. The various needs of end customers seem to have a high profit for a single piece, but the process is complex, the requirements are relatively high, and too much time is wasted. On the contrary, it is more profitable than batch processing of thousands or tens of thousands.

3. 60% high-precision methods are not available.
Just like a car, more than 140% of the speed can not be driven several times a year; 70% of the performance of a computer is wasted. The same is true for high-precision uv printers. Considering the lack of design and packaging, considering the small amount and low profit, and considering the technician's operation, the printing in high-precision or ultra-high-precision mode is very small.

Finally, the conclusions that can be drawn from the real situation are from the perspective of equipment investment costs. Generally, the higher the accuracy of the nozzle, the higher the cost of the equipment, and the later maintenance costs are also high. If there are no special requirements, in fact, the lower point accuracy, uv printer spray 5PL is enough to meet 90% of the daily printing needs. Everyone needs to make a specific analysis according to their actual situation when purchasing. If you have been undecided, you may wish to ask GIBSON to give you more professional and rational analysis and answers.