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Why does the UV printer not respond when printing

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2019-12-15 

UV plate printer daily work needs careful maintenance and maintenance, to develop good operating habits, but some users will be careless, in the operation of the UV plate printer or printing effect to bring negative impact, some errors in the operation may lead to printer response, this is why? Small make up here to give you a simple say.

The unresponsiveness during the printing operation of UV plate printer may be caused by the following reasons:

1. UV plate printer is not online

First of all, it is more direct to check whether the UV flat printer has been online, if the printer is not online, the corresponding nature cannot print. The solution is in the case of UV flat printer power on, online operation can be.

2. Set up problems

It may be that the UV plate printer is set to pause printing, so that no matter how the command is sent to the printer, the UV plate printer will not accept the command to work. The solution is as simple as going into the printer printing software operating system and unsetting the print pause setting.

3. Print program problems

Check the computer is the UV flat-panel printers, set the default printer, because we send the print command in the computer, print the program will want to print the contents of the current to the default printer for printing, if you don't have the UV flat-panel printers is set to the default printer, the print content cannot be sent to the printer, UV flat-panel printers nature is no response. The solution is as simple as setting the UV plate printer as the default printer in the computer printing program.

4. Print port

If the printer does not respond after setting the UV plate printer as the default printer, it may be that the printer program used by the UV plate printer has inappropriate print port Settings. The solution is to turn on the printer printing software and set the appropriate printing port for the UV flat printer.

5. The printed content is not accurate

Finally, if the above methods are still unable to solve the problem, it is possible that the printed content of the output is not correct, resulting in the program output problems can not be printed. The solution is to use other programs to print content to determine whether the content is correct, and then print the content correctly.