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What size can UV printer print?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2019-06-19 

UV printing is a new contactless, pressure-free, plate-free printing technology that inputs information stored in electronic computers into inkjet printing equipment. The ink is sprayed to the substrate from the micro nozzle at a certain speed, and then through the interaction between the ink and the substrate, the image reproduction can be achieved. If an enterprise wants to get more profits, the most important thing is to ensure the quality of printing on the basis of uv printer, uv printer consumables selection to minimize the cost of enterprise operation. And choose large format uv printer is one of the effective means. Many uv printer manufacturers are output width, imaging effect, color reduction, printing speed and work preservation life and other aspects of continuous research and innovation, in order to improve its production efficiency, printing effect is more distinct.

But different UV printers have different characteristics, so how to choose their own enterprises?

UV printer according to one's capability: when choosing large-format UV printer, the enterprise should take a series of factors including capital, plant, personnel, printing capacity and printing type into consideration and act according to one's capability. And do not blindly follow so as to ensure "make the best use of everything", so that resources can be reasonably used, so as not to increase the cost pressure of enterprise operation due to idle equipment. However, it is not required that enterprises only consider the price issue, because with the increase of business volume and expansion of business scope, enterprises should also consider their future development. Therefore, when choosing large-format inkjet printer, you should not only do what you can, but also do your best to prepare for the future development.

Comprehensive performance of UV printer: the comprehensive performance index of large-format UV printer mainly includes format size, printing speed, printing length, printing resolution and interface, ink cartridge, CPU main frequency, memory, hard disk, drawing language, network connection, etc., which directly determines the quality of printing and the acquisition of subsequent equipment. Large format UV printer is a very sophisticated equipment, especially the inkjet head is very small, which puts forward strict requirements for ink performance, because good ink can not only increase the accurate reproduction of the color of the text. At the same time, it can extend the service life of UV flat printer and the application range of substrate materials. How big can a UV printer print? With the development of economy, the traditional printing has not been able to meet people's demanding requirements on the quality, quantity and content of printed matter. By introducing UV printers, traditional printers greatly enhance their service capacity and better maintain customer resources. The larger the size, the larger the material can be printed, and the more materials can be printed at the same time.