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What materials can uv printers print?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2019-06-19 

At present, many users are learning what materials uv printer can print, mainly considering whether a printer can achieve a multi-purpose effect, the printing material is not diverse, so below we give you a detailed introduction of the idea.

Uv printer prints glass

Since the surface of glass is smooth, it is a difficult material to print. The coating needs to be done before printing, which can prevent the picture from falling off and fading, improve the adhesion, and ensure the printing effect is more beautiful. Print glass can print many patterns.

Uv printer prints ceramic tile

Because of the particularity of ceramic tile use, printing pattern on ceramic tile is the problem of the printing industry all the time, before printing ceramic tile, also need to do a good job in coating processing, in order to better achieve waterproof, sunscreen, scratch-proof printing effect.

Uv printer prints mobile phone shell

At present, the demand for mobile phone shell on the market is still relatively large, many users will choose a pattern of mobile phone shell to protect their mobile phone, in the face of such a market, many businesses have joined the mobile phone shell printing sales industry. However, many users are worried about how to choose a uv flat printer with high precision. Many manufacturers bought single-head printers in the market before, but found that such equipment is not only slow, but also very accurate to meet the market demand. Deep thought can fully meet the manufacturers' market demand, not only printing speed, high precision, but also relatively long service life.

Uv printer prints leather

Leather printing has always been a difficult problem in the leather printing industry, because leather is stretchable, and the printed patterns will not be so perfect after stretching patterns. So be careful when printing leather.

Uv printers print ads

The advertising industry should be applied to the most printing, PVC, acrylic and other materials are often used in the advertising industry.

Uv printer prints rice paper and oil painting

At present, the amount of printing rice paper and oil painting is relatively large. If only manual painting is used in such a large amount, it will be a very big job. So choose the printer do not choose too small, 2513 is about the same, choose too small printing width supply and demand is not good.

Uv printer can print material more than the above description of these, the description is more common manufacturers market demand is relatively large, for example: can also print wood, metal materials, cabinets, fans, glasses, is to adapt to more printing medium.