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What kind of UV printing equipment is the best choice for advertising printing?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2019-12-10 

Nowadays, personalized, small batch, high precision, green environmental protection, high efficiency has become a fashion needs. UV machine to volume printing is through a variety of digital means, through the image processing software processing after the formation of the required pattern, and then by the special RIP software control UV machine to volume, UV ink directly printed on a variety of products, after processing, to obtain printed with high-precision patterns of various products. It has the advantages of simple operation, high efficiency, no pollution, low investment and high return.

Because it does not have net grain, the picture after lighting is transparent, bright white, visual effect is good, apply to decorate a profession; Because its material flexibility is good, can do all sorts of modelling, apply at smallpox condole top, can decorate a style with the family height to combine, make design depends on illuminant and Angle are different and produce different colour change effect.

UV machine volume to volume and what kind of market advantage?

1, UV machine volume to volume to meet personalized needs

To meet people's personalized needs, for the majority of designers, can give full play to creative talent, design samples can be arbitrary modification on the computer.

2, UV volume to volume color unlimited

Do not need to make mesh, save a lot of time; Pattern design and variation can be done on the computer screen, color matching can be done with the mouse.

3, UV machine volume to volume reaction speed, shorten the working cycle

In the past, a product from design, proofing to delivery needs several days or even dozens of days, but the application of UV printing technology 1 to 2 hours to get the finished products, and the production volume is not limited, really achieve a small batch, variety, high efficiency of the production process.

4, UV machine volume to volume green environmental protection, reduce pollution

No water, no sewage, UV machine volume by computer control, inkjet on demand, neither waste, nor waste water pollution.

5, UV volume to volume color rich

UV printing patterns fine, rich and clear layers, high artistic, three-dimensional, and can print photography and painting style patterns.

6, UV machine volume to volume can be printed relief, three-dimensional strong, feel comfortable

The use of white ink can be printed out with the relief effect of the image, so that color printing patterns lifelike, but also let the designer have greater play space, more importantly, the printing process is not troublesome, and the same as the home printer, a shape, namely hit that dry.