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What kind of effect can UV printer print?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2019-12-30 

A lot of just how friends to UV color printing machine can print what effect is not clear, in fact, the main is 4, namely: plane printing, relief, light oil, hit that dry, specific small make up for you to introduce:

1. Print

Uv flat plate printer printing color is comprehensive, do not need to make screen, film, print, basically as long as the material is flat plate material, you can use uv flat plate printer printing. No matter what pattern, uv printer can be formed at one time, this is the biggest difference between uv printer and screen printing, but also the biggest advantage of uv printer.

2. Relief effect

Relief effect is a slight 3D three-dimensional effect, through repeated accumulation of uv white ink to form a concave and convex effect, can improve the product's texture and grade, uv flat printer can print a variety of patterns displayed by the relief three-dimensional effect, printed feel strong, vivid patterns.

Of course, only the relief effect also has several printing methods. Take glass as an example, the division that industry has Yang diao, Yin diao and back diao, usage and effect also have distinction. Yang carving is relatively simple, when the shadow system will be more troublesome, back carving will be printed on the glass back, from the front also have the effect of relief, but there is no wear and scratch problem.

3. Smooth oil effect

Light oil is simply a mirror, on the surface of the product sprayed with a layer of light ink water, not only make the product looks more shiny and more colorful, but also waterproof, anti-fading, anti-wear and other functions. But smooth oil on the process requirements are higher, there are a lot of manufacturers are to machine printing patterns manually do smooth oil, dinking uv plate printer can directly machine printing smooth oil effect, save labor to avoid unnecessary trouble.

4. Fight and dry

This is not an effect, but it is a great convenience to the user. On either of the old presses, the print was either dried or heated to dry. Uv printer is different, because of the use of uv curing, in the process of processing while printing while curing, dry, save time.

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