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What is the difference between UV printer and traditional plate making printing

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2020-03-03 

UV digital printer is the current printing industry's preferred equipment, and has gradually replaced a large part of the printing process, such as: screen printing, offset printing, thermal transfer, and so on. Why can be so fast, this is a lot of advantages of UV digital printer, small make up this for you to talk about the difference between UV printer and traditional plate printing.

Digital inkjet printing equipment, convenient and fast,

A printed, no need to make a plate, which is immediately dry, especially UV printer in the printing industry in recent years favored.

UV printer is not only used in a wide range of industries, more importantly, there is no limit to the material, this versatile printing function, so that printing becomes closer to life, more easily available. So, because of its omnipotence and the uniqueness of digital printing, personalized customization is more and more popular!!

First: cost comparison.

If the volume is large, simple design and color, the overall cost of traditional screen printing is very low. Although need to make a plate, the printing cost is more expensive, but do a good job of the screen can be produced in large quantities, the quantity of large to reduce the cost. Therefore, we can only rely on mass production to reduce the cost, the need to participate in more people, can not small batch production or to the customer printed samples.

If the quantity is small, the advantage of UV printer comes. Do not need to make a plate, only need a digital picture, a piece of material, can be divided into products. Only need simple picture processing, can be printed directly out of the computer.

Secondly, printing process comparison.

Traditional screen printing process is more complex, based on the original picture, according to different printing materials to choose the plate and printing process, and different materials have different procedures, the overall operation is very difficult.

Uv printer process is very simple, just need to print the material on the printer platform, fixed position, direct computer operation. One person can operate multiple devices and print one or more products at a time. It saves a lot of manpower, time and cost.

Again: color effect contrast.

Traditional printing, single color, color saturation difference. Gradient cannot be done.

On the contrary, jeepsen UV plate printer, you can at any time personalized custom design, vivid colors. In particular, the gradient effect, the traditional printing process is impossible to achieve.

How's that? This explains the difference between the two. Technology is advancing, equipment innovation is speeding up, and intelligent factories are becoming more and more. If you want to know the specific information of the jeep UV plate printer, please contact the online customer service.

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