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What is the difference between UV plate printer and photo machine?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2019-12-22 

Photo machine is to spray all kinds of color patterns on special materials with sprinkler head, in fact, it is a large printer. Generally used in advertising, graphics, CAD industry. UV plate printer is a high-tech, plate-free, full-color digital printing machine, which is free from material constraints and can be used for color photo-level printing on any plane.

Uv plate printer mainly printed plate, hard materials;

Traditional inkjet printer mainly prints soft materials, roll cloth;

Printing accuracy, UV plate printer accuracy is much higher than the photo machine.

As for inkjet principle, are the same piezoelectric nozzle, part of the use of hot foam.

Finally, photo machine has a great defect, if it is a hard medium, photo machine is not applicable, so its use is very limited, with the continuous development of the market, photo machine is gradually eliminated.

Now the market popular GIBSON UV flat-panel printers, it can both play soft material, also can print hard dielectric ceramic tile, acrylic, glass, metal, etc., through the UV printing ink, printed image can be rivalled with photo, image lifelike, printed pattern is colourful, has the characteristics such as waterproof, prevent bask in, never fade.

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