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What are the advantages of UV soft film spray painting?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2020-05-02 

At present, there are many UV soft film spray paintings in the decoration and advertising industries. The effect is very good and is liked by many end consumers. Because UV soft film spray painting is very durable and relatively energy-saving, what other advantages are there?

1. Easy installation

The soft film ceiling can be directly installed on the wall, wooden side, steel structure, gypsum partition wall and wooden partition wall, which is suitable for various building structures. The keel only needs screws to be evenly fixed according to a certain distance, and the installation is very convenient. In the whole installation process of Guangzhou UV soft film spray painting, there will be no solvent evaporation, no dust, no impact on other indoor structures, and it can even be installed in the normal production and life process.

2. Excellent anti-aging function

The high-quality UV soft film sprayed film and buckle have been subjected to special anti-aging treatment. The keel is made of aluminum alloy, and the service life is more than ten years.

3. Safety and environmental protection

The soft film ceiling is manufactured with the most advanced environmentally friendly and non-toxic formula. It does not contain harmful substances such as cadmium, lead and ethanol. There is no release of toxic substances and it can be recycled. UV soft film spray painting will not have any impact on the environment during the manufacturing, transportation, installation, use and recycling process, which is completely in line with the environmental protection theme of today's society.

4. Ideal acoustic effect

Relevant tests by professional colleges and universities have proved that the low-frequency sound has good sound absorption effect in the UV soft film spray painting, and the punching has good sound absorption effect in the face of high-frequency sound, which is very suitable for the application in concert halls, conference rooms and schools.

Especially in some shopping malls, considering the safety and fire resistance, UV soft film spray painting is therefore welcomed, creating a personalized decoration quality for a variety of public spaces, so that the entire space is rapidly improved. GIBSON UV printer can effectively produce soft film spray painting, if you have this need, you can come to the company to inspect and test, and look forward to your visit.