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What are the advantages of domestic UV printers?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2020-01-17 

In the early days of the industry, when buying UV printers, they often gave priority to imported ones. Even if the price is more expensive, they must be bought with loans. However, with the improvement of China's industrial level, the quality of domestic UV printers has also been greatly improved. Some developed countries buy UV printers made in China, which is enough to explain the strength of our country. The specific advantages of domestic UV printers are as follows:

1. The technology of domestic uv printers is constantly improving, and the gap with imported printers is getting smaller and smaller. Choose equipment more rationally instead of blindly seeking outsiders.

2. The cost of supporting parts, consumables and post-maintenance of domestic uv flatbed printer is very low, only one-fourth of imported machine.

3. Our uv printer operating system and software settings are more in line with the usage habits of Chinese people, lowering the operating threshold, and you will learn it as soon as you learn.

Disadvantages of imported UV printers:

1. The price of imported UV printers is high

The price of domestic UV equipment is relatively low; imported equipment generally costs millions to millions, and domestic equipment generally costs hundreds to hundreds of thousands.

2. The use cost is high, and the ink price is relatively high

The use cost of domestic UV equipment is relatively low; the matching parts, consumables and post-maintenance costs of domestic UV flatbed printers are lower.

3. The accessories are relatively expensive, and the replacement cycle may be relatively long

Because some parts suppliers do not stock up, it takes a long time to replace parts; if this happens, it will delay user production. Domestic UV equipment suppliers generally have spare parts in stock, and even if they do not, they will be shipped quickly from the manufacturer.

Through the above specific introduction, I believe everyone has a clear understanding. When purchasing, you can choose according to the actual situation directly. The domestic UV printer is your preferred solution. GIBSON is a well-known domestic UV printer brand. , Committed to providing customers with ultra-high cost-effective equipment to meet your different needs.

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