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What affects the performance of UV flat panel printers?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2019-09-26 

Generally speaking, the performance of UV flat printer mainly refers to the accuracy and speed, both are important indicators, a single affected, printed products have a great impact, so we must be clear about what factors affect the accuracy and speed, to avoid the occurrence.

1. The main influencing factors include the firmness of the steel frame structure, the stability of the guide rail, the physical accuracy of the printing platform, the quality of the nozzle head ink circuit system, the motor and fan of the main board system and other equipment.

2. The accuracy of the machine directly affects whether the products produced can meet the customer's printing requirements. UV printing products need to be integrated into the form with a high degree of reduction and achromatic aberration, which requires a high precision of the machine.

3. For production machines, speed is the competitiveness. When other indicators are similar, speed determines the production capacity of enterprises.

In general, choose a good UV printer to various comprehensive considerations, fieldwork manufacturer production research and development strength, workshop understand machine parts and run the test, the sample printing inspects the precision and speed of the machine, these steps cannot be omitted, only in this way can choose the good quality of the UV printer, may need to know more information contact the printing related staff, welcome to visit our factory.

So, when choosing the UV flat-panel printers, everybody must to contrast from the Angle, and the strength of the manufacturers, the precision and speed of the device under test, is it possible to choose the right equipment, so that guangdong Gibson to the quality strives for the survival, to the performance by word of mouth, and overall stability has been praised the new and old customers, are interested customers please contact online customer service advisory details.