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UV printers are better for custom printing

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2019-06-19 

UV printer once launched became the darling of the market, is because the UV printer for printing process has improved, you can print the field more and more widely, at the same time, save a lot of resources, low price can also produce high quality products, injected new hope to the printing market, and UV printer customized product, better, more can meet the needs of the customers.

UV printer customization is a kind of high-tech product from plate making full color digital printing machine: it is not restricted by any material, can be in door, cupboard door, sliding door, glass, aluminum plate, all kinds of signs, crystal, PVC, PC, ABS, PS, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather and other surface color photo printing. There is no need to make a plate to complete the printing, the color is beautiful and rich, wear resistance, uv protection, simple and convenient operation, the printing image speed is fast, completely in line with the industrial printing standard

I. product features:

1. The printing mode is fast and slow, which can be adjusted by itself;

2, dual nozzle printing, white ink and color ink synchronous printing, meet different background color material printing, faster speed, suitable for industrial production;

3, the latest technology, the use of automatic touch screen control system;

4. Special UV ink and professional software can ensure clear and bright color;

5, through the improvement of the traditional cleaning unit, the plugging phenomenon is almost zero;

6. Intelligent nozzle detection technology: automatic detection, automatic cleaning, perfect effect, present at all times;

In recent years, UV printer has been applied not only in small businesses, also has been applied in the larger manufacturers, this is because the customers in the pursuit of higher performance, speed and stability inseparable, UV flat-panel printers custom has unique mute, no pollution, the advantages of less cost, so the market and users for UV flat-panel printers customized products have such a love.