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UV printer XYZ axis can not reset?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2020-02-26 

In the process of using UV painting machine, sometimes XYZ axis can not reset the situation, which will directly lead to the inability to print, X axis refers to the x-coordinate direction of the equipment, Y axis refers to the vertical coordinates of the equipment, Z axis refers to the height of the equipment. The failure of XY axis is the same, but the reason why Z axis cannot be reset is different from that of XY axis. Jeep living small make up for everyone to share the solution:

The XY axis of UV printer cannot be reset

1. Poor contact and damage of relay

Solution: if the contact is not good, tighten and reinforce, damage (replace with a new one)

2, UV painting electromechanical power supply, drive damage

Solution: replace the power supply and drive

3. The limit exceeds the limit

Solution: push the cart back to the equipment

4. Abnormal communication and optical fiber damage

Solution: get a new fiber-optic cable

5, single drive power off

Solution: re-energize, if damaged, please replace in time

6, the UV printer did not open the emergency stop switch

Solution: turn on the emergency stop switch