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UV printer printing yoga mat

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2020-10-19 

UV printers are widely used in the household daily-use industry. Many sheet products can achieve good printing. Yoga mats are household products that have gradually increased in purchases in recent years. Many yoga mats have beautiful patterns on them. Many of these patterns They are all printed with UV printers. For the customization of yoga mats for diversified patterns, choosing a yoga mat uv printer is the most suitable for the application when using the printing process; customized pictures, one picture is the same; printing is not limited by quantity; it can be customized for single sheets and small batches, but also industrial large Mass production; freely changing pattern printing is really easy.

The yoga mat uv printer has simple process and no need to deal with direct printing and imaging. The process operation has no technical requirements and no dependence on personnel. The color imaging system automatically matches the color system to restore the pattern; no manual color adjustment is required, which saves labor and improves production efficiency; the printing effect is presented Bending without cracking, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, high color fastness, dry and wet wiping does not fade; it is a UV printer type specially used for color printing of yoga mats.

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