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UV printer print pattern effect display

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2020-02-16 

UV printer is popular, because it is a direct on any material can print color patterns on the machine, the range of application is very wide, jeepsen UV printer print patterns are very good, and random distribution of a large number of hd gallery, such as printing: 3D effect; 3D relief effect; Plane ordinary color printing effect; Dynamic 5D effect and so on. The specific contents are as follows:

One, 3D effect

Yueda UV color printing machine can achieve high precision and stable printing 3D relief effect, exquisite design, colorful; The design looks three-dimensional and realistic.

Ii. 3D relief effect

Relief sculpture is the product of sculpture and painting, it seems to have a three-dimensional effect. Like the material below: board, plastic, stone, glass, etc., can do relief effect.

The main process of 3D relief effect is to use UV color printing machine through the ink accumulation, the design will be carved relief effect, that is, the design is floating on the material, like the effect after carving. The 3D relief printing effect is more delicate and beautiful, with strong sense of layering and texture.

Three, plane common color printing effect

Can print any pattern, not limited by the material, compared with the traditional printing equipment, UV printer can achieve color printing, especially can achieve screen printing, offset printing equipment can not do the gradient effect. UV color printing machine without plate, plate, repeat color; The printing effect is clear and realistic, the ink adhesion is strong, the ink point is fine, the layering feeling is strong.

Four, dynamic 5D effect

Dynamic 5D effects in the UV world usually refer to moving patterns, but special materials are needed. Now like adornment, advertisement these industries like to do move feeling 5D effect, visual effect and appeal are very good.

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