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UV plate printer work suddenly power off

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2019-11-08 

UV plate printer should avoid power failure in the work, but after all, the machine does not have an internal power supply system, need to rely on external power supply, to the usual UV plate printer, if the sudden power failure how to deal with?

When you are seriously using the universal plate inkjet machine work, but suddenly power failure, ink cartridge can not return to the normal position, is not the moment a face of confusion, is not directly waiting for electricity to come and then direct operation? In fact this is not desirable, encounter suddenly loses power, the next operation must wait until the cartridge is normal in place can be printed instructions, especially like continuous high temperature, long time there will be a frequent blackouts, if in this case, no ink cartridge to normal use place, will damage the machine service life greatly.

In addition to this special case encountered sudden power failure, in normal operation, to remember not to cut off the power of UV plate inkjet machine, in the process of use to maintain their own equipment.

Why flat UV universal flat plate printer in the case of power failure to adopt this operation, mainly because the use of special weak solvent ink water has the characteristics of fast drying, in order to prevent the machine printing head and nozzle part in the printing idle exposure to the air caused by ink concentration increased air drying and caused the nozzle "blockage" phenomenon; Sometimes in the process of operation will appear red power indicator flashing, at this time must not arbitrarily unplug the machine power wipe head or directly cut off the power. If the power is off for a long time and the nozzle is not restored to its original position in time, the nozzle will be blocked. It is necessary to reduce the cleaning times of the nozzle, because continuous and frequent cleaning will also cause the service life of the print head.

Therefore, in the case of sudden power failure in UV printer work, to calm processing, so as to minimize the damage to the machine.