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UV flat printer wiredrawing problem

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2019-12-05 

Nowadays, UV plate printer has been used in many industries, by the majority of users of the praise. But the uv flat printer pull line problem, is also a little daily do not pay attention to the small situation will appear, this article for you to explain in detail the cause of drawing and the solution. Sprinkler as the core parts of UV flat printer, the most afraid of a variety of problems, today shenzhen nuoqi xiaobian and you talk about the causes of wire drawing and solutions? If you need to buy a printer, please contact us directly.

The uv printer

Abnormal stay line:

Auxiliary equipment abnormal property pull wire: refers to the entire nozzle or a number of consecutive spurts between the lack of ink pull wire. And the reason that causes this kind of pull line is nozzle does not spurt ink or UV flat plate printer supplies inky inadequacy, perhaps because of the negative pressure of UV flat plate printer causes the nozzle to stick to have ink to wait a reason. But for this kind of pull wire is usually the majority of the sprinkler circuit board card or negative pressure pump, ink pump failure. Generally, replace the corresponding circuit board and negative pressure pump. Of course, there is also a way to increase the frequency of the ink pump, regular replacement of the filter to eliminate the auxiliary equipment abnormal property of the cable.

Feather stay wire:

Feather pulling line: this kind of pulling line is generally the realization of the obvious equidistant arrangement along the direction of the sprinkler head or white line. It can be observed that the position of the splicing has overlap, interval or poor feather when printing the state diagram of the sprinkler head. A pull wire like this can be solved by simply checking and adjusting the belt to make the UV flat printer work properly, as well as adjusting the spray point junction of the nozzle or adjusting the feathering. However, it should be noted that in the case of different grayscale graphics printed, the degree of feather required for the same handover location may be different.

Blocking tension cable:

Blocking point property of the pull: this kind of UV flat printer pull is generally a color channel fixed position of a "white line", serious time will have a number of "white line". And there are many reasons for the blockage. For example, the operation mode and environmental factors will cause the plug point property of the pull line, uv ink shaking ink is not even, add some impurities in the process of uv ink, cleaning nozzle is not standardized, so that the dust in the environment adhere to the nozzle above. Use a sponge to remove other impurities such as dry ink or glaze powder while cleaning and maintaining the nozzle.

This is a common problem encountered in the printing process of uv flat printer. Uv flat printer is dot-matrix printing, which is composed of a certain density (DPI) of dots. Any a blockage of the nozzle, therefore, it may cause out of silk, it is often said of wire drawing, can from the following two reasons: reasons 1: is why the machine quality, the machines must be a good test were battle-hardened, we often say that can buy the things are cheap, really is some intangible value, such as experience, precipitation technology, these invisible things just is some big money investment return home for many years, as a result of return machine mature, stable, durable, failure rate, can continue to work. Reason 2: The cause of the ink, this is very important, now on the market the same nozzle ink, some manufacturer of 400 yuan, some manufacturer of 500 yuan, 600 yuan, or even imported ink may be thousands of machines, don't sell cheap ink factory is a big discovery of conscience, a heart for the sake of the customer is your manufacturers make ink black-money, called a penny a points goods, figure a reassuring, after all to the simple truth, but many customers still on the ate kui, blindly pursue cheap, cheap ink composition is simple, simple production process, the simple post-processing, The final result is that the ink chemical composition is not qualified, ink impurities filtration is not complete, before a long time to appear nozzle blockage.

UV flat printer jet hole oblique jet so-called oblique jet is the ink can pop out. In this way, white lines appear where the spray should have been, while a darker line appears next to it. Reason one: the problem of machine maintenance, this link may cause the clogging in inclined gush and appear at the same time, the environment it is very important, must be clean and neat, do not mix with other machines, popular is to make the UV flat-panel printers as white-collar, live in office smothering, and blowing air conditioning, size and moderate, not too big nor too small.

Reason 2: use frequency, this is also very important, just like people do long machine, work for a long time need to take a rest, get tired, and then back to the best state into work, so the result is that lead to mechanical deformation, thus affecting the overall performance of the machine, so the best is the machine work three hours or so commonly will stop half an hour, let each part of the machine cooling, add oil, lubricant, things like that.