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UV flat plate printer printing string color how to do?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2020-02-12 

UV flat plate printer printing is a relatively common phenomenon, is generally two problems: one is spray head oblique jet, the other is circuit board card problems. Below the small make up for the jeep for you specific explanation:

The inclined spray may be the internal blockage of the nozzle, so it is necessary to clean the inside of the nozzle to ensure the smooth internal passage. If the nozzle is still blocked after cleaning, it is necessary to consider replacing the nozzle.

At present the market uv flat printer USES the sprinkler head is ricoh industrial level sprinkler head, when replacing the sprinkler head, good to find the original manufacturers to buy, because their sprinkler head is suitable for the printer, and are imported.

Secondly, uv plate printer printed circuit board card problems. Because the Uv panel printing circuit board card appears inclined spray phenomenon mainly concentrated in the modification of the universal flat printer, the independent development of the flat printer is not common. As a result of the modification of the printer is to use photo machine, printer and other equipment circuit board card, manufacturers in order to achieve the printing process of uv plate printing, will be in the original circuit board card outside a lot of things, causing the uv plate machine is extremely unstable, the problem is strange, this situation suggests that users directly find manufacturers to solve.

This shows, when we choose and buy universal flat plate printer good is to find regular manufacturers, buy their own machine, so relative to product technology to mature a lot. Jeep professional production of UV flat printer, welcome the vast majority of new and old users to consult.