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Several factors affecting the printing quality of UV color printers

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2021-05-17 

After careful consideration, many customers bought the valuable uv color printer and found that the quality of their prints was different from the quality printed by the uv printer manufacturer at the beginning, so the customers were puzzled, the configuration was the same, the machine was the same Under the circumstances, why are there different effects? Is there any problem? The following GIBSON will focus on this problem to analyze in detail, what are the factors that affect the printing quality of UV color printers?

1. Picture quality factors:

The better the quality of the picture material, the better the printing effect. The clarity of the picture is the basis of the printing effect. If the picture pixel is low, the printing effect is definitely poor. The higher the picture pixel, the better the printing effect. High-pixel pictures can be designed by a professional graphics company, or bought on some websites that specialize in selling pictures, such as

2. Types of uv color printing machine nozzle factors:

There are many brands of nozzles used in UV printers, and the size of the nozzle holes of each brand is different. The smaller the nozzle hole, the finer the printing effect. The more sophisticated nozzle models on the market include Epson 10th generation head (3PL), Ricoh G5 (7PL), Ricoh G6 (5PL), Ricoh GH2220 (3.5PL), Kyocera KYOCERA (4PL), Epson 4720 (3PL), among the above Ricoh print heads are the most cost-effective, and are also the print head brand that uses the most customers.

3. Quality factors of UV ink:

The choice of uv ink is also very important. Generally, imported inks are a bit brighter than domestic ones, but the price will be a little more expensive. You can choose inks according to your own requirements. It is best to use the ink provided by the printer manufacturer. Do not buy ink from the market at will to avoid damage to the print head.

Four, uv printer software factors:

The uv printer software is to control the printer to restore the picture and then print it on the substrate. The US PP software has the best restoration effect.

5. The quality of the UV color printer itself and the factors of the materials used in the machine:

The parts that affect the printing accuracy of the uv color printer's mechanical structure are: screw rods, guide rails, beams, racks, etc. The screw rod is best to choose the silver in Taiwan, the guide rail Japan THK guide rail has the best accuracy, the beam chooses aviation aluminum beam or quenched steel beam, and the machine chooses all-steel integrated without screw splicing.

6. Quality factors of printed materials:

Different printing materials have different qualities. For example, some materials themselves are rough, so the effect of UV color printer is very poor after printing. Try to choose smooth and flat materials to print better.

Seven, UV color printer printing accuracy mode factors:

There are many precision modes for uv printer printing, such as 4pass two-way, single item, 6pass one-way, two-way, 8pass one-way, and two-way. There are 360*360dpi mode, 720*360dpi mode, 1440*720dpi mode, 1440*1440dpi mode, etc. Different printing modes have different printing effects.

8. The proficiency factor of the uv color printer operator:

No matter how good the advanced equipment is, if you encounter a person who does not know how to operate it, it will not be able to perform its due functions. The uv color printer is the same. You need to master the performance characteristics of the uv color printer or print. Not very effective

Nine, the follow-up maintenance degree factors of the uv color printing machine:

Any equipment needs maintenance, including UV color printers. The nozzles of UV color printers are wear parts and need to be maintained regularly. If they are not printed for a long time, the nozzles of the UV color printer will be blocked and the effect will be printed. Not good, so the maintenance status of the UV color printer directly determines the print quality of the UV printer.

So the above are the nine major factors that affect the printing quality of UV color printers. I hope to help people in related industries and learn from each other's strengths.

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