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These several kinds of dangerous operation of UV printer should put an end to!

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2020-03-15 

Now the market share of UV printer is a lot of, of course, the operation of equipment personnel also more up, some did not pass the formal training of personnel directly began to operate equipment, this actually has a lot of dangerous operations to eliminate, perhaps will cause great damage to the equipment. Jeeps living small make up specific explanation as follows:

1. Adjust sprinkler head by brute force

Use external force to adjust nozzle position. Do not use brute force when replacing or fine-tuning the sprinkler head. Treat the sprinkler head with care according to the specifications.

2. Ignore the work ground

UV plate printer printing is affected by static electricity, should often check the connection of the ground equipment, regularly sprinkle a little salt water around the ground.

3. Switch the circuit at will

Install and remove the UV panel printer circuit at will without turning off the power and switching off the power supply. This behavior damages the service life of each system and harms the sprinkler head.

4. The power is not turned off after cleaning

Do not take care to protect the circuit boards and other internal systems while cleaning. Turn off the power when cleaning and be careful not to allow water to touch the circuit boards and other internal systems.

5. Use inferior cleaning solution

Clean the nozzle with inferior cleaning liquid. Sprinkler head is very easy to be contaminated and worn, so please use the manufacturer's designated products and quality control products to clean sprinkler head.

6. High-pressure cleaning nozzle

Clean the nozzle. If the nozzle is slightly blocked, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to wash out the dust, and then carefully clean, do not use this way.

7. Soak and clean the nozzle

Although the cleaning solution for a long time to soak the nozzle into the cleaning solution can be more effective in cleaning the stain, but, the cleaning solution has a certain corrosive, if the time more than 48 hours, will affect the nozzle orifice itself. Therefore, generally only take an appropriate amount of the nozzle for cleaning.

8. Acoustic wave cleaning nozzle

Use ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the nozzle for a long time. In fact, if usually pay attention to nozzle maintenance, there is no need for ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic waves will have a bad effect on the nozzle. But if the blockage is severe and ultrasonic cleaning is needed, the cleaning time can be up to 3 minutes at a time. If not cleaned at one time, please wait for the sprinkler head to cool down to normal state before the second cleaning.

9. Use bad ink

Add the ink of different batch at will, or use inferior ink, clean fluid. Two different configurations of mixed ink will change the color and quality of the ink, the quality of the ink will affect the printing effect and block the nozzle, damage the nozzle life.

The above 9 points are in the process of operating UV plate printer need to eliminate the dangerous operation, only in this way to ensure the safety of the staff and equipment, but also to extend the service life of the UV printer, can significantly reduce the cost and cost. For more information about equipment use, please contact jeepsen online customer service.