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The characteristics of light box cloth UV printer

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2020-03-06 

Nowadays, the printing of light box cloth is more by UV printer, which is due to its many obvious advantages, jeepers specific explanation as follows:

1, light box cloth UV printer design color is not limited, for you to save labor costs, save time costs. To meet people's personalized needs to the greatest extent, can print multicolor, arbitrary complex color and transition color, full color image, a complete.

2, no mold, short development cycle, rapid reaction, light box cloth UV printer shortened the working cycle, a form, namely, dry.

3, light box cloth UV printer printing patterns fine, rich and clear levels, high artistry, three-dimensional sense, enhance the product grade.

4. The printing platform is divided into four independent regions, and the control region can be selected according to the actual printing format.

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