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Please pay attention to these 4 points if you don’t want to hurt the nozzle of the UV printer

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2020-06-15 

The nozzle of the UV printer is a very important part of the whole equipment, and it is also a precision accessory. If it is damaged, it needs to be replaced by a new one, so you must pay attention to protection during use. :

1. Never use inferior inks and cleaning fluids. Ink is a large amount of consumables. Some people want to use inferior inks in order to save costs. They did not choose the manufacturer's designated ink and caused irreparable losses due to clogged nozzles. The ink composition ratio of each manufacturer is different. If there is no special situation, do not replace it easily.

2. It is not possible to clean the nozzles of small UV printers frequently and excessively. Some users worry that the nozzles are clogged and frequently clean the nozzles. This is a wrong approach. The waste of ink is not to mention. Frequent cleaning causes some damage to the nozzles. Thoroughly clean it once a month. In addition, you cannot use a high-pressure air gun to vigorously clean it. If a problem occurs, you must notify the manufacturer to arrange for professional technicians to disassemble and clean it up.

3. The nozzle can be cleaned by immersing it in the cleaning liquid, but it cannot be immersed for a long time, nor can it be immersed in the entire nozzle. The nozzle has many electronic components, and the cleaning liquid has a certain degree of corrosion. For 1-2 hours, the power of the machine must be turned off during cleaning to avoid short circuit.

4. The environment is not good, the indoor temperature is too high, too low or relatively humid. The poor operating environment of the UV flatbed printer has an impact on the service life of the machine parts. Although it is slight, it cannot be ignored, especially for the fineness of the nozzle. For components, it is necessary to provide a good production environment for the machine to run stably for a long time.

Therefore, the nozzle must use the correct method, so as to improve its working life and reduce costs, so we must pay attention to it. For more maintenance methods of UV printers, please contact online customer service.