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How to use UV printer for printing on KT board?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2021-04-12 

KT board is a very widely used material in the advertising industry, but what are the various beautiful images printed on it? In the past few years, UV flatbed printers have been widely used in KT board printing. Many customers of Gibson will use UV flatbed printers to print on KT boards, and I will give you a detailed explanation of the printing scheme of KT boards.

The KT board UV printing solution is to directly print patterns on the KT board through a UV flatbed printer. Whether large-volume orders or small orders can be completed quickly through the UV flatbed printer, users who face small-volume orders can achieve same-day delivery.

The KT board UV flatbed printer uses Ricoh G5 nozzles, which can print 3D relief effects through the color configuration of color + white + light.

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