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How to use UV printer cleaning fluid

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2021-03-21 

The cleaning fluid of UV printers is mainly used to clean the ink cartridges and print heads. The correct cleaning is both efficient and can maintain the long-term benign use of the equipment. GIBSON will introduce the correct use of the cleaning fluid for your reference:

The first type is the cleaning liquid contained in the ink cartridge to clean the nozzle.

Steps for usage:

①Fill the cleaning liquid into the ink cartridge.

②When the print quality is degraded or the wire is disconnected when testing the mesh, follow the normal method of replacing the ink cartridge and install the ink cartridge containing the cleaning fluid.

③Perform print head cleaning. After cleaning, execute the test mesh procedure until the mesh test is normal. For the color cleaning fluid, the cleaned mesh can directly see the effect after cleaning and the cleaning of other cleaning fluids. The effect can be installed with ink cartridges for mesh testing.

④After the mesh test is OK, remove the ink cartridge for cleaning, and put a sealing strip on the air guide groove and the cleaning fluid outlet for reuse.

The second type is the immersion cleaning of the print head by the cleaning fluid contained in the container.

① Take clean utensils and pour a small amount of cleaning solution into them.

② Remove the problematic nozzle, soak the nozzle in it, and prevent the cleaning liquid from submerging to the nozzle electric board and contact plate (to prevent short circuit or damage after being wetted by water.

③ The soaking time depends on the clogging time of the nozzle. Just remove the nozzle for treatment when the clogging fails to be cleaned for 1-5 hours. If the delay time is longer, it can be soaked for 12-24 hours.

Some things to pay attention to when cleaning:

1. The cleaning fluid is fully compatible with the original ink and natural ink, and will not cause any damage to the print head and the ink supply pipeline.

2. After the ink cartridge is opened, if there is no replacement ink cartridge temporarily, you can replace the cleaning ink cartridge to protect the print head.

3. The cleaning fluid is not used on the print head whose internal structure has been damaged or the service life has been reached.

4. Try to avoid contact with the circuit of the nozzle when cleaning the nozzle.

5. After cleaning, before installing the cleaned print head, ensure that the print head circuit is dry.

6. In the normal maintenance of the nozzle, when the uv flatbed inkjet printer is not working, you can drop a few drops of cleaning fluid on the nozzle to reset the wet state of the sponge nozzle of the ink pad.

7. The cleaning fluid has a certain degree of volatility. It should be kept in a sealed state in storage and placed in a lower temperature place.

8. If the cleaning fluid splashes into the eyes and other parts, you should rinse with clean water first, and wipe after rinsing. If the problem is serious, you should go to the hospital for inspection.

9. If the circuit board is soaked, please dispose of it and let it dry before testing on the machine, otherwise the circuit may be burnt.

The above is an introduction to the usage of UV printer cleaning fluid. I believe it will be helpful to all customers. If you want to know more about UV printer related knowledge, please follow GIBSON official website.