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How to maintain UV flat printer in cold and wet winter?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2020-01-05 

Soon to the New Year, a lot of manufacturers of UV flat printer will suspend work, that in the cold and wet winter how to maintain? Jeep small make up for your introduction:

UV printer in the work space will appear obvious humidity, such a humid climate environment, UV printing, spray printing impact is very big. The weather is too wet, often inkjet printed images, uv ink drying slowly, poor adhesion, easy to fade color problems. However, this situation is not a problem with the uv printer ink, not the uv printer machine is broken, but the uv printer working environment caused by. The weather is too wet, the color of the ink is too heavy, over the film, the film is easy to fall off, adhere to the media, back on the ink is also very difficult to dry. Weather tide temperature on the machine also has a greater impact on the board card, generally due to the board card water, the board card short circuit burning when just starting up.

For the work space of the uv printer, if it is obvious that the weather from cold to warm, please immediately close all the doors, Windows, do not open the exhaust fan as far as possible, so as not to draw the outside moist air into the room. If there is an air conditioner installed in the working space of the uv printer, you can turn on the air conditioner to dehumidify the room. Use the dehumidifier or refrigerator to dehumidify the room. If the return of moisture is too severe, it is recommended to use the dehumidifier, the effect will be better. Pay special attention to turn on the air conditioning when promoting dehumidification remember to close the doors and Windows.

Relevant printing media to pay attention to moisture storage, printing media easy to absorb moisture and damp, wet photo materials easy to cause ink spread out. Therefore, photo materials are put back to the original packaging after each use, try not to contact the ground and walls. If there is no packaging bag, you can choose the film with a good seal.

The use of uv printer, inkjet printer to do a good job of related moisture-proof maintenance, such as uv printer related main body shell to cover, to avoid the air moisture caused by the short circuit board and components. It is recommended that every time before starting the best to the main board and small car board and line interface with the air duct after blowing dry. If conditions permit, the machine can choose not to shut down after the completion of the industry has been open

The above operation, can easily avoid the wet weather influence on uv printer, print machine to print output, under the wet weather at the same time do a good job in the above is not only beneficial to the uv printer, print machine in humid climate environment improve the work efficiency, but also to extend the service life of the uv printer, spraying machine, improve the quality of the print.