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How to effectively maintain the decoration tile printer?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2020-09-12 

Nowadays, the patterns of decorated tiles are becoming more and more abundant, which brings great beauty to the home decoration, and this is mainly due to the tile printer. The tile printer can make colorful/beautiful patterns very well, but when printing tiles If used improperly, it is likely to cause damage to the tile printer, so effective maintenance is very important. GIBSON will explain in detail:

1. Clean before starting

Dust is permeable and may damage the nozzles of the tile printer. Therefore, if you want a ceramic tile printer made of selected materials to always maintain good quality, you must do a good job of cleaning every time you turn on the printer and remove dust. When wiping the nozzle, please follow the correct method and gently wipe in one direction instead of wiping back and forth.

2. Maintain proper temperature and humidity

The tile printer generates heat when it is working. If the ambient temperature is too high, it is easily damaged due to high temperature. In addition, excessive humidity will also adversely affect the tile printer, so it is not only necessary to keep the printer at a proper temperature. , You should also open windows frequently for ventilation or use dehumidifying equipment to avoid excessive humidity.

3. Wipe off the accumulated ink immediately after use

During printing, ink may accumulate to a certain extent on the nozzle surface. Therefore, to maintain the tile printer, the staff must use clean and dirt-free non-woven fabrics after completing the printing task. Gently wipe the surface of the nozzle to wipe off the ink accumulated on the surface. At the same time, before turning off the tile printer, please check the printing status of the nozzles to ensure that there are no ink marks in the nozzles.

Through the maintenance of these steps, the service life of the ceramic tile printer will be longer and your equipment cost will be reduced. If you want to know about the ceramic tile printer of GIBSON, you can contact online customer service.