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How to deal with the increasing market demand for personalized leather printing?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2021-04-15 

Personalization is the main theme of today’s society. People’s needs are becoming more and more diversified. This brings a lot of challenges to the fixed traditional production methods. From the perspective of the UV printing industry that Gibson is engaged in, personalization is even more common. This industry is prominent. For example, the personalized leather printing market is a good case. Many traditional factories do not have good response measures. Today, Gibson will explain to everyone around the personalized leather market printing:

Nowadays, with the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, the leather industry has also put forward new requirements. Personalized leather bags, leather shoes, leather goods and other leather products are also becoming more and more popular, so the leather UV printer market is also becoming more and more popular. Whether it is a simple block-color pattern, full-color pattern or gradient color pattern, one-time printing, no plate making, once full-color image printing is completed, it has many advantages compared with traditional printing technology, and the investment cost Low and simple production process, this is a personalized Acura printing solution.

The advantages of UV printers for personalized leather printing solutions:

  1. The operation is simple and convenient, no plate making, no repeated color flow, simple operation and easy maintenance.
  2. The printing speed is fast and the input cost is low, which is completely suitable for industrial mass production;
  3. The printing precision is high, the printing is excellent, and the special ink of the gold series is used to make the output image effect realistic and reach the photo quality;
  4. The image is sun-proof, wear-resistant, waterproof, and does not fade;
  5. The cost is relatively low, which minimizes the image production and production process;
  6. The printing technology is stable, suitable for all industries as a new equipment application.

Therefore, you can see that the UV lithographic printing solution is a more suitable and higher-value printing solution, which is favored in the leather market. If you are thinking about transformation now, please contact Gibson to give you a customized scientific solution.