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How to choose large format UV printer?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2019-06-19 

Large UV printer is a wide range of applications of large format UV printer, can be used in acrylic, light box, PVC board, glass, ceramic tile and other materials. To compare large format UV printer brands, be sure to shop around to see which one is good. So how to judge a large UV printer is good? We want to master a quality large format UV printer judgment method.

First, see if the printed patterns are clear, neat and accurate. For example, look at the picture is not clear, texture is not strong, there is no blurring phenomenon; Here to see if the pattern is kept clean and tidy, there are no scars and dirty spots, dark and light tone ink color is not uniform; Also has is the pattern four corners, the diagram edge and the diagram inner level prints accurately, has the double shadow, the dark mark.

Second, look at its printing speed. The printing speed determines the printing efficiency. The faster the printing, the higher the productivity per unit time, the higher the efficiency, and the maximum efficiency of the nozzle. Of course, just look at the printing speed is not good, it has to be combined with the pattern to see, fast speed, good quality is really good.

Second is to see the after-sales service. Most large UV printers are not cheap, maintenance and repair work also need professionals to carry out, a good large UV printer brand manufacturers will be equipped with perfect after-sales service, so that you have no worries.