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How to buy used uv flat printer

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2020-02-10 

When a number of equipment market on the line, there will be second-hand equipment sales, UV flat printer is no exception, there are often customers to small make up how to sell second-hand UV flat printer, small make up to take this opportunity to talk about the purchase for everyone.

Some customers, especially some entrepreneurial customers, want to use the lowest investment to obtain a high return profit, the price of the new machine is expensive, in the reason of low price to buy second-hand uv flat printer. Small make up today to analyze the pros and cons of buying second-hand uv flat printer.

At present the market of uv flat plate printer is more and more mature, but different manufacturers equipment is also different, the research and development process of each manufacturer is not the same, some small manufacturers modified second-hand equipment after buying back there are all kinds of problems, after buying can not be normal production.

Uv flat printer is the manufacturer of the machine, the natural cannot leave the manufacturer after - sales service. But all machines are unavoidable problems, the key is how to solve the problem. If you buy second-hand uv flat printer, after-sales service may not be able to provide security.

Second-hand uv flat printer price is not cheap, and the core of the machine is the sprinkler head, all second-hand equipment is used, after taking over, basically to replace the sprinkler head. A sprinkler head cost tens of thousands of yuan, plus machine renovation, please guide the study and so on, the cost added up to at least 80,000, are almost to catch up with the cost of buying a new machine.

There are many reasons for the transfer of the machine, and it is impossible to tell you all about either. Maybe he bought it with a second phone; The machine he bought at the factory did not use the original new head; The machine that bought original manufacturer USES bad just transfer wait for a reason.

In fact, there are many factors, it is not recommended to buy second-hand uv flat printer. Buy a machine to be able to go to the manufacturer on-the-spot investigation, many compare, the stability of its equipment, printing accuracy, printing speed, service life to do comprehensive test, so that the quality is more guaranteed, after-sales service is more guaranteed.

For the purchase of transferred second-hand uv printer customers, small make up some Suggestions:

Some customers, especially entrepreneurial customers, want to obtain high return profits with low investment. New machines are expensive, so they buy second-hand uv printers for the reason of low price. This choice is understandable for economic customers.

First, to understand the machine, machine operation, maintenance, maintenance, typesetting, etc.

Second, later if the machine out of the problem after-sales service problem, there must be a channel to help you solve, just go.

Third, others because of what reason and transfer, understand clearly, do know.

Fourth, the use of the machine, the status of the situation, configuration.

For friends who transfer uv printers, small make up also have some Suggestions:

If it is not very must transfer, it is best to make good use of the machine, there is no failure of the industry, perhaps in a way of operation, there is a better way out.

Second, if the machine is unstable, often problems want to transfer to others, this action, small make up is not recommended, everyone is not easy, especially entrepreneurs, if you want to transfer, the machine must be truthfully informed.

Accordingly, small make up proposal, below the circumstance that the condition allows, still choose new UV flatbed printer is the most appropriate, after sale is carefree, the machine also has safeguard, still can use instalment way to buy, the way is flexible, understand more relevant information of GIBOSN UV printer, please contact us.