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How does the beautiful phone case print?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2021-04-19 

Compared with the boring mobile phone case in earlier years, the mobile phone case now is really not too beautiful, all kinds of patterns, but also support personalized customization, has completely gone beyond the mobile phone case itself to protect the mobile phone function, and gradually become a handicraft, then how are these mobile phone cases made? Of course, the professional UV flatbed printer can not be separated from the specific Gibson to introduce to you:

There are many traditional techniques of mobile phone case, including: laser engraving, simple drawing patterns on the mobile phone case; Screen printing process: simple patterns, simple colors, direct color up; Solvent-based process: need to rub coating, early words also need to enter the oven; Then to the final UV printing process: print patterns directly, you can print 3D relief three-dimensional effect. Above, from front to back, prices are getting more and more expensive. Among them, silk screen pollution is heavier, followed by solvent-based. Environment-friendly are UV printing and laser engraving. Want to print out the finished product quickly and environmentally friendly, the most cost-effective is UV flatbed printer.

Personalized consumer demand, so that the application of UV printer more widely, if you want to engage in the mobile phone case this industry, the purchase of a Gibson UV flatbed printer is your wise choice.

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