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How do UV printers make patterns on acrylic?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2019-11-02 

Acrylic is known as plexiglass, now the application is very wide, a lot of acrylic will have exquisite patterns, some friends asked how these patterns are printed, in fact, the main use of UV printer.

1. Block color or full-color patterns can be printed by acrylic printer at one time, especially without the process of plate making, plate drying and repeated coloring, the printed picture is rich and lifelike.

2, UV printer is a high precision, high speed factory mass production equipment, not limited by the material, can be used for: background wall, advertising, glass, ceramic tile, acrylic and other materials printing.

3, acrylic printer printed products have waterproof, sunscreen, never fade and other advantages, the use of special UV ink, the ink safety and environmental protection, non-toxic, is unbiased color, color mixing phenomenon.

UV printer is a multi-purpose equipment, advertising industry/printing industry/furniture industry and so on have its use, not only good printing effect, efficiency is very high, is the first choice of modern factories to improve production efficiency. Jeeps professional production UV flat printer, welcome new and old customers to inquire.