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How can UV printers help you make money?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2020-02-07 

The topic of making money is the primary goal of all new businesses. If you buy a UV printer, how can you make money for yourself? I believe you are all interested in this topic.

The correct use of UV flat printer will bring us good benefits. In real life, two groups are mainly rely on UV printers to make money, they are: OEM enterprises and manufacturers.

One company is making it with a Gibson UV flat panel printer

Uv flat printer to make money, you need a good and stable equipment, and then you need a good sales channels and business.

Need to pay attention to, the purchase of uv flat printer equipment, need to pay attention to the modification of equipment and original equipment, the total price range between tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. There are three factors to consider when choosing a uv flat panel printer:

1, their own production and printing quality demand to determine, low production choose small uv flat printer, on the contrary choose large uv flat printer;

2, after-sales service to determine, the distance from their own close uv flat printer manufacturers are better than the distance, after all, the journey delay time cost is also very high;

3, the service life of the sprinkler head, with uv flat printer is mainly required for production, the life of the sprinkler head is higher.

4, also need to personally go to the manufacturer to print a sample to see, uv flat printer manufacturers equipment printing speed, printing accuracy, service life, stability to do a comprehensive test.

OEM enterprises:

For traditional industries, the need to do OEM industry must ensure that there are a large number of orders, otherwise the cost is too high and not cost-effective. Use, it is itself can realize a single piece from print, and can print a lot of pictures at a time, the cost is greatly reduced. The most important point is, the enterprise that generation processes can use UV printer to process all sorts of materials, the range that can use is wide, profit space is bigger.


At present, many manufacturers and large companies have their own machines and equipment, while some small enterprises, many do not have their own machines and equipment, they will outsource their good products to other companies for processing and printing. So first of all, is the enterprise is hard to control print design, again is high machining cost, low profits, but these are small problems, if the middle is the most deadly conflict and cooperation of the company, cooperation is broken, and that on the one hand, enterprises can't suddenly into the equipment, then for some companies, resulting in the loss of orders, etc.

Currently, it serves customers in various industries, but no matter which industry they are in, UV plate printers generate huge profits for them. In this era of diversified needs, I believe that with a UV flat printer, plus our first-class service, will be able to earn more profits.