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Can UV plate printer print wood?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2019-12-25 

Do the friend of board business at present a lot of do not know to use light UV plate printer to print processing board? UV plate printer can not only copy the effect of printing wood. Ordinary board, density board can be high copy print out wood grain effect. So a lot of friends asked, in the use of wood UV flat printing cost? Can boards really replace manual printing on boards? What can be printed? How is it printed on a board? How long will the board UV printing effect remain, how long will the color fade?

Board flat UV printing is completely no problem, because this machine is a non-contact inkjet printer, as long as the plane of the object being printed is flat can be printed, this machine is basically no restrictions on the material. UV flat printing board effect, printed color will not fade, adhesion is quite firm, at present, some people have used this machine in printing desktop effect, save time, save labor, while beautiful and novel, the price is easy to sell.

GIBSON wood uv printer is very simple. You can find the pattern you want to print, take a photo or download it from the Internet and put it on your computer. Through the printing software control can be printed, printed out is the finished product. This makes those who know to use UV plate printer business in the quality of the product style has an advantage.