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What are the advantages of the cabinet sliding door uv printer

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2021-05-15 

I believe that many people are not unfamiliar with the sliding door of the cabinet. Almost every household has it. Then many people will find that the sliding door of the cabinet is not blank, but colorful. There are various exquisite patterns and even personalized patterns. The above, so how did you do it, in fact, this depends on the credit of the UV printer for the cabinet sliding door. With him, the cabinet sliding door has a broader market space, and the product value has risen to a higher level. In the past process , They are all made with film or screen printing, thermal transfer, but there is no uv printer to print directly, which is more convenient, fast and beautiful, etc. GIBSON introduces in detail what advantages does the lower cabinet sliding door printer have?

1. Completed at one time, the progressive color completely reaches the photo quality result, the positioning is accurate, the full-color image, the reject rate is 0.0000001%

2. Only use the computer to operate, the promotion space is large, and there is no personnel to rely on.

3. One-step completion, print and take, meet the needs of quick sample production.

4. Equipped with professional color management software, which can change the color anytime and anywhere without paying the rated cost.

5. The printing is fast and the cost is low, no plate making is required, and various output software can be used to support various file patterns.

6. All materials can be used at will, and there is an extremely universal compatibility surface.

7. The unit price can be printed in large quantities and can be matched with template printing, which saves time and effort.

8. It only takes 25 minutes to grasp and make high-quality products without professional skills.

9. The printing position of the cabinet sliding door printer is accurate, which prevents the position deviation problem encountered by manual printing. The cabinet sliding door printer no longer uses the traditional printing methods and methods, and is no longer the simple manual operation and manual printing of the past. It is connected with a computer with a high level of skill, and is connected with automatic control skills, which can accurately target the area and position that needs to be printed, and prevent the problem of position shift encountered by manual printing. Because it is a one-time multi-color printing, there will be no problem of color registration.

These advantages can also be very useful in connection with carving, etching and other processes, printing beautiful pictures in the carving area, or performing accurate etching after printing. It can be seen that the product has achieved new breakthroughs in carving, etching and other industries, and can carry forward a better effect.

10. The cabinet sliding door printer is compatible with different industries, with no restrictions on materials, and will not cause material damage. The machine can not only print on tough crystal, stone, metal, glass and other materials, but also on soft leather and cloth. It can be printed on materials such as, cotton, etc.; it can be printed on inorganic materials, or printed on organic materials with complex and volatile components.

With more and better compatibility with materials, the use of cabinet sliding door printers prevents the problem of screen printing and water transfer printing materials, and also prevents thermal transfer from destroying leather, cloth, cotton and other organic materials. It meets the diversified needs of the market and can better provide users with more specific production services.