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Brushing occurs when the UV flatbed printer is working

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2020-05-20 

The drawing of UV flatbed printers when printing materials is a problem that some customers often encounter, especially the probability of the appearance of some equipment that has been used for a long time is higher, which affects the printing effect of the materials. GIT specializes in the production of UV flatbed printers. The equipment has in-depth understanding, please refer to the following 4 solutions for this problem:

1. The nozzle is slightly blocked. The nozzle is composed of hundreds or even thousands of small inkjet holes. If several or even dozens of small holes are blocked, the incomplete color will lead to the situation of wire drawing.

2. The spray hole is slightly blocked. The nozzle holes on the nozzle are only partially blocked, resulting in deviations in the position of the ejected ink and the printed pattern, as well as deviations in color, and the phenomenon of flying ink appears.

3. The ink has a slight precipitation. If the ink is not used for a long time, there is no ink agitation system in the ink cartridge, the ink can not be mixed again, and the precipitation pattern will also appear in the above-mentioned two situations.

4. There are foreign objects on the surface of the nozzle. If the machine is left in a place where the air is dirty for a long time, the surface of the nozzle is blocked by large particles of dust, and it will also appear brushed and the color is not bright.

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