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You must avoid these pitfalls of buying a UV flatbed printer

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2020-06-08 

Now that UV flatbed printers are becoming more and more popular, the number of manufacturers of production equipment has also increased, and there are many kinds of manufacturers in the industry. There are many kinds of manufacturers, which poses great problems for customers to buy. If you are not careful, you can buy them. If the equipment is sub-charged, it will not cost money and delay production. The GIT team was established in 2012 and has been operating steadily in the industry for 8 years. It has been trusted by new and old customers. Today we will talk about the pitfalls to avoid when buying a UV flatbed printer.

1. The equipment accessories should be recharged inferiorly and renovated in the old. The reason why some UV printers are tens of thousands of yuan cheaper is because of the use of refurbished accessories, the use of low-quality accessories for workmanship, and the invisible problems of the board, etc., thereby reducing the cost of UV printers to a minimum and using low prices. Marketing to attract users to get more profits. Many companies who want to introduce UV printing equipment think that the nozzle configuration is the same anyway. Naturally, the lower the price of the machine, the better the money can be saved. However, once used for a period of time, there will be many problems.

2. UV printer manufacturers have separated the machine and after-sales service. Before the user buys a UV printer, the manufacturer promises many after-sales free services. However, when there is a problem with the user's equipment, there will be free on-site after-sales service, which will increase the various charges. The problem of the machine itself is deceived as being caused by the user, and the parts are not able to be repaired. Various situations.

We need to pay attention to the following points when purchasing:

1. First look at the nozzle of the machine, pay attention to whether it is an industrial-grade nozzle, and how durable it is.

2. Second, pay attention to the other configurations of the machine, the fit of the motor, guide rail, board, screw, ink, software, etc. For tens of thousands of machines and hundreds of thousands of machines, the configuration of parts must be different. At this time, it is necessary to test the user's identification ability, whether the level of understanding of the components of the machine is deep enough. If there is no identification, it is recommended to give priority to brands with good reputation, such as manufacturers of the top ten brands of UV printers.

3. The terms and conditions of the after-sales or contract must be clearly written in black and white at the time of purchase, and the scope of obligations and responsibilities should be distinguished, and all the terms must be clear and then signed. Don't think that if you buy a cheap machine, you will earn a bargain. The manufacturer sells it so cheaply, and the less-earned money will definitely be earned from other places.

4. One thing to be clear is that no matter whether it is a domestic machine or an imported machine, no matter how expensive or stable, the machine can not avoid problems during use, and it is definitely necessary to use after-sales service, and after-sales service is Need cost. At this time, it is necessary for UV printer manufacturers to respond quickly, deal with problems in a timely manner, and have professional team technology. In case of an unprofessional after-sales team, wasting production time is not worth the loss.

We choose printing equipment, mainly based on factors such as stability, speed, accuracy, equipment quality, after-sales service, price, brand and so on. For UV printers, the quality of the equipment is good and stable, which is the most important. Without good quality, there is not enough stability, and the rest is empty talk. Whether the quality of the UV printer is good and whether the work is stable depends on the quality of the materials used in the UV printers produced by the manufacturers and whether they have strong technical strength.

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