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Are UV printers and inkjet printers the same?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2021-03-19 

Some friends who are new to the industry do not have a deep understanding of UV printers and think that they are the same as inkjet printers. In fact, they are not. GIBSON compares it from 4 directions so that you can understand it more clearly.

1. The range of printed materials is different between the two.

UV printer is also called universal printer, which means that it can basically print all flat materials, and it can also print relief effects. Inkjet printers often print soft materials.

2. The ink used by the two is different.

UV printers use UV inks; while inkjet printers use solvent inks.

3. The visual effects of the patterns printed by the two are different.

The patterns printed by UV printers have strong image quality, bright colors, high picture accuracy, and the printed patterns have strong scratch resistance and stable color fastness. Inkjet printers cannot achieve such printing results.

4. The curing methods of the two are different.

UV printers use UV light curing technology, which means they can be printed and dried; while inkjet printers use natural drying.

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