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Application range of pvc advertising universal uv flatbed printer

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2021-05-20 

How about the application range of pvc advertising universal uv flatbed printer? Many people want to know, then GIBSON will introduce:

The pvc advertising uv printer realizes the output of computer data-direct printing on the object!

1. Can print pictures on any material. Such as: gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, crystal material, wood, glass, leather, cloth, stone, etc.

2. Can print pictures on irregular curved surfaces. Such as: mobile phones, telephones, U disks, glasses, vases, pens, etc.

3. Can print cylindrical objects. Such as: glasses, vases, pens, etc.

4. The height of the object: 0~18CM

5. No intermediate consumables. Such as: transfer paper, crystal glue, crystal film, high temperature adhesive tape, heat transfer equipment

6. Product application scope: A. All franchise stores, photo studios, wedding photo studios, scenic spots, hospitals, schools, etc.;

Industrial application: For the sample proofing and mass production of plastics, electronics, hardware, plexiglass and other industries, it has the characteristics of rapid sample production, and the processing cost is doubled.

As far as the current printing and printing industry is concerned, there are relatively professional industry divisions. For example, in the leather industry, the traditional printing process generally has a single color of screen printing and a simple and uniform transition color; it is expensive and requires high materials;

Thermal transfer will destroy the material; the traditional printing method in the crystal industry is the crystal filming process; the organic glass industry is screen printing, and the metal industry uses pad printing or thermal transfer.

So once you have a universal printer, you will have a stronger competitive advantage than your peers.