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A device that prints patterns on wine bottles

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2019-06-19 

Is uv flat printer famous for its fast printing speed, high efficiency, good printing effect and simple operation? Of course not, people exposed to uv flatbed printer should all know, it is more famous without being limited by the material, can be in graphic t-shirts, move the door, cupboard door, sliding door, glass, plate, all kinds of signs, crystal, wine bottles, PVC, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather and other surface color photo printing.

Uv flat printers are inkjet printers that can print on all flat objects.

Uv flat printers are no bad for printing flat objects, but what about cylinders? Cylinder printing is different from plane printing. Plane objects can be directly placed on the uv flat printer platform to print directly. Cylinders, on the other hand, are not easy to fix. At the same time, cylinder printing range is wide, such as wine bottles, cups, pen container, etc. Deep thinking uv flat panel printers make cylinder printing easier and faster and more efficient.

Deep thinking uv flat printer can print both flat objects and cylinder bottles. Let you have no industry restrictions, no material restrictions, no plane cylinder restrictions, want to print how to print. Traditional silk-screen printing can also print cylinder, but can not be the same as uv flat printer. Because deep thought uv flat printer can be customized, a print, the time is shorter, faster, print quality.

Deep thought can also customize a larger, higher and thicker cylinder uv flat printer. Deep thought has ten years of production, manufacturing and research and development experience in the uv field. Allows you to mass produce cylinder products, and fast, good printing effect, only one person can complete the operation, save manpower and material resources. Create more value in your limited time!