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Equipment maintenance service standards

Respect the corporate values of "high quality as the body, meticulous service as the soul, and promote customer growth".

I. General
1. Only applicable to the equipment provided by the Jeepson company for maintenance services, not applicable to equipment agreed to provide maintenance services by other manufacturers.
2. The explanation and explanation of the technical indicators of the equipment sold should be based on the technical information provided by the equipment manufacturer (based on the product manual or relevant industry standards), and the explanations and guarantees made by other institutions and individuals do not have any effect.
3. For equipment failure, our company only bears the responsibility of warranty, and does not bear other joint liability for compensation.
4.48-hour service response means that within two consecutive working days after the user equipment is determined to have a hardware failure (except for national statutory holidays), a solution is provided or a maintenance engineer is sent to the door for service according to the relevant service terms. If the personnel cannot be dispatched within 48 hours due to technical reasons, an explanation will be made in advance and a specific time limit will be determined.
5. The company is responsible for repairing the faults under normal use during the warranty period free of charge.
6. Even within the warranty period, in the following cases, the maintenance fee shall be charged as appropriate.
     * Improper user operation
     * Failure caused by external power supply system or computer
     * Failure and damage caused by collision
     * Failure caused by user's unauthorized modification or repair of equipment
     * Due to unexpected disasters (floods, fires ...)
7. For users who purchase printing equipment of Jeepson, if they use inks not specified by our company without authorization, it means that you give up the related warranty rights of the equipment.
8. For software and hardware upgrade services, a certain fee will be charged according to relevant regulations.

Second, equipment warranty and service:
1. The Jeepson company provides a one-year warranty for the equipment it sells.
The free warranty parts for one year include:
Mechanical parts such as various guide rails and machine tool structural parts on the equipment; circuit boards, various electronic components, and other electrical components.
The following parts are consumables or outer packaging and are not covered by the warranty:
Ink parts (ink pumps, ink tubes, ink pump filters), nozzles, nozzle filters, UV lamps, vacuum pumps, key panels, random accessories, equipment casings, and packaging boxes do not promise free warranty parts.
(Note :) The above warranty is limited to normal working conditions and accessories that are damaged due to non-human factors and cannot work normally; .

2. Non-warranty parts and maintenance beyond the warranty period will be charged the following costs:
Travel expenses: transportation costs, accommodation fees, and food expenses from the Jeepson company to the customer ’s location;
Working hours: billed based on actual working hours;
Accessories cost: The cost of accessories replaced and used.

Three, equipment use training:
Jeepson cooperates with agents to provide free on-site equipment installation and use training services for 5 days (8 hours per day).