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Uv printer to judge the way

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2019-11-05 

With the widespread popularity of UV printers, many manufacturers see business opportunities, a large number of UV printers flooded the market, small series as in the UV printer industry for 10 years of staff, many have not heard of manufacturers such as bamboo shoots after a spring flood, there are many small manufacturers do not know. When we choose UV printer, in general, we should choose a relatively long period of strength manufacturers such as guangzhou noc digital products, I said manufacturers are very strong, credibility and technology is very high. The three UV printer manufacturers I talked about are very mature in technology. Now the advantages of imported UV printers are basically gone. On the contrary, they are more expensive in terms of price.

The following small series teach you how to judge the good and bad uv printer. Buy UV flat panel printer, we can from UV printer brand, fault, accuracy, sales later analysis. These things represent the strength of each manufacturer.

The first point: the printing of precision products no matter what type of small flat plate printer test, the printing quality is directly affected by accuracy, but also has the most basic conditions. Test method for printing accuracy of 3 printed characters on A4 paper using PS Mosaic printing. Print clear, no ghosting blur who is not qualified product. If there is flying ink or the ink is loose. These are unreasonable structural designs in the printing process that indicate excessive vibration of the UV tablet, thus preventing the operation of the print head from obtaining a good release of the resulting decomposition.

The second point is that when it comes to reprinting items, the boss must know that reprinting is the most important thing when it comes to mass production. Printer repeat printing position is not set, scrap rate will increase, and then choose stable performance is particularly important. Is: printing repeated ten times and then using a magnifying glass, if consistent when qualified equipment.

The scam about uv printers is that some small manufacturers use scrapped heads and other accessories on the machines, or sell a batch of second-hand refurbished uv printers cheaply. Use the consumer covet small cheap heart to earn profits, as the saying goes a penny a minute goods, remember not to because uv digital printer low price temptation, you know good maintenance, as long as the appearance of the machine, it is difficult to reflect the extent of depreciation.

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