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How to adjust the printing ink thickness of UV printer?

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2020-03-05 

In the use of UV printer in the process, often will appear uneven ink thickness, so that the effect after printing. And a few 3D mural, wall paper wall cloth, 3D craft picture wait for a work to the requirement of ink thickness is taller, that how to adjust? Jeeps living small make up for you:

Generally speaking, the UV printer color is usually four color is pure color (CMYK), 5 color: color + white (CMYK + W), 6 color: color + white + light oil (CMYK + W + V), 8 color: color + pale red, shallow blue + white + light oil (CMYK + LM + LC + W + V), is that these different color is tie-in, coupled with different print Settings, constitutes the print function of UV machine is very powerful, and print setup, adjustment of the thickness of the ink is very important, basically see the factors of three aspects.

The first is the kind of material and the background color, if the material surface is soft, the gap is large, and the material background color is deep, then need to increase 20%-40% of the amount of ink;

The second is to see the requirements of the picture, if the color of the picture is deeper, color and lustre requirements more gorgeous, it also needs to appropriately improve the thickness of the ink;

Finally, to see the special requirements, if the pursuit of relief effects, can be set in the printing software ink-jet percentage, can also set the number of times to print, so as to increase the thickness of the ink, achieve relief effect.

UV printer to improve the thickness of the ink, there is an auxiliary function is the percentage of feather. Generally, it is between 0% and 200%. If the pattern printed by the system is more exquisite and the color is richer, then the feather function needs to be opened. The higher the value, the better the printing effect will be, but at the same time, the production speed will be reduced.

It needs to be noted that the thickness of UV printer ink, is not the thicker the better, if the setting is not reasonable, will also affect the quality of the color printed. Therefore, we should constantly explore and summarize according to our own needs, and we will make a work that everyone loves.