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6 things to consider before replacing cheap UV ink

Website Editor:GIBSON │ release time:2021-06-06 

UV ink is the main consumable of UV printers, and also the main operating cost of printing factories. Many small-scale factories have begun to choose more expensive UV inks. After calculating the cost, they will often consider replacing cheaper UV inks. Of course, in a reasonable situation It is feasible to replace the ink, but you must consider the following 6 things.

1. After replacement, it can meet the printing effect requirements of the material (color, adhesion, stretchability, etc.);
2. After replacement, it will not affect the curing of the uv-led lamp and avoid problems such as incomplete drying of the pattern;
3. After replacement, there will be no chemical reaction with the pre-print coating or post-print varnish process, causing dissolution, blistering, etc.;
4. Before replacement, calculate your own ink consumption. If you can buy a new print head with the price difference between the order quantity of consumables in 3-4 months and the price of the original uv ink, you can change it;
5. Before replacement, use up the original uv ink as much as possible, and replace the new ink system, and clean the nozzle;
6. Before the replacement, the user should try his best to choose between the warranty period or the warranty period.
In order not to affect the normal use of UV printers, we recommend that these 6 conditions must be considered. If you want to know more about replacing UV inks, please contact GIBSON.

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